Foundation Management

Linden Partners, with its unique background and focus, is dynamically positioned to help create and sustain a philanthropic mission.  Linden Partners provide resources and services to set up, streamline, and manage a new foundation. 

What we offer in foundation management:

  • Assist donors in developing their philanthropic missions
  • Coordinate activities of lawyers and financial advisors
  • Work with donors to establish foundation guidelines
  • Create online grant making capability
  • Assist in board recruitment and development
  • Preview and prioritize grant applications
  • Provide consultants and speakers for Board planning retreats
  • Keep donors abreast of new issues in philanthropy
  • Help establish succession policies

We make it as easy and painless as possible to do what's right; what's both philanthropically savvy and economically intelligent. At Linden Partners, we have the creative ideas and the solutions for far reaching success.